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Plant Entrainment Toolkit

Personal,Design Provocation
A case against urban farming; an attempt to show how we can design with nature’s long-term evolution in mind


Critical Design, Personal
A project visualizing traceroute in nodejs using Geolocation API, symbolizing travel world maps (but for the internet).


A Mixed-Reality projection device using just the small and powerful RPI Zero2W


Designing the experience and framework for interactive storytelling and presentations via objects on the White table


Interactive, Robotics
An autonomous system with a robot arm to make and serve cotton candy.


Interactive, Game
A tattoo removal experience booth for a client.

Bionic Exo

Grad Project,Body Movements
A moving device that fosters movement and happiness for people who have chronic pain related disorders.


Personal,Fictional Concept
A quick project during COVID showcasing a fictional/dystopian mask that detects negative ions (in short range) in polluted environments.

Institue of Applied Motions

Workshop, Creative Tech
A workshop to express creative technology in body movements