In this project, me and my team had to redesign the experience around the original White Table product , which is a device for storytelling/presentations using objects. The table recognizes objects via RFID and in that manner provides a unique experience for people to present their stories in enganging and meaningful ways.

WT 2.0

Design Process

I initially began researching and playing around with the whitetable, to only relaize that projection mapping was most uniquely the “magical” aspect of the product. To explaing this vision of projectors as the future of lighthing and giving objects a digital dimension, I made a series of prototype experiments to validate my thoughts.

Interaction Experiments

Object Tracking

The experiments eventually led to building a device which could recognize objects on a surface and dynamically project the content. To see if this is feasible , I tried using ML Vision libraries to segment the body from the table surface and then eventually went for a depth-based tracking system.

ML Object Tracking

Depth Based Tracking

Proof of Concept

A video demonstrating the look and functioning of the prototype.